At Etimad, Trust is the cornerstone and basis for everything that we do. It forms an integral part of our relationship with our partners and diplomatic missions and guides us in serving our customers. It’s a core value that is embodied across the organization and is a part of our organizational culture. Along with Trust, Reliability, Oneness, Zeal, Promptness, Innovation and Caring is the foundation that helps us in our ability to provide a high quality service. It has helped us build a work environment conducive to transparent business policies and year on year growth. This is reflected in the increasing number of visa applications we receive for processing and our many repeat customers, all of whom know that they can trust Etimad to give them an unmatched experience.

Every aspect of Etimad represents trust, including its name. Trust and reliability, to the organization and the team, forms part of their work philosophy, and is acknowledged as a way of life. The fact that an applicant can sit back with absolute peace of mind that Etimad will pave the way for his/her travel overseas and make it happen without any fuss or glitches is a testimony to this. But trust is just one aspect of all that Etimad stands for. Our other core values span attributes like oneness, zeal, promptness, innovation and caring, all of which come together to represent our value cornerstone. At Al Etimad, professionalism and corporate social responsibility are two sides of the same coin. So, just as we extend our best products and services to our customers, we also believe in sharing with the lesser privileged. Our team is as concerned about society as it is, about the company. Be it the environment or those in need, the human face of Al Etimad is spurred into action. We care, and it shows in what we do.

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